Future technology: you’ll be amazed at some of the things that are being working on for our cars

Future technology

Future technology is going revolutionise the way we go motoring. You might think this is all the work of the car companies. While some of it is, much of it is down to the firms that quietly supply tech to the car makers, companies such as Continental. The German automotive giant provides technology or equipment […]

Car safety features explained

Car safety features explained

Life-saving safety features should be one of the first considerations for drivers choosing any car. But increasing complexity and baffling technical jargon means many motorists are in the dark when it comes understanding the gadgets and gizmos their car offers.   Whether that is preventing drivers from correctly operating their own car, or confusing them about […]

Dashcam drivers hit the newspapers

Dash Cameras

After compiling a selection of the hairiest moments caught on camera, BookmyGarage has featured on The Mail Online, The Mirror Online and The Sun Online today, surrounding the new dashcam trend that’s been creating a stir on the streets. Earlier this month we were talking about how motorists could choose the best dashcams in the […]