Summer is just around the corner and we can't wait to get out and about again. But as more of us dream of a 'staycation', summer road trip or other fun and excitement, the last thing you need is an unhealthy car or a breakdown.

That's where our Summer Health Check comes in. Don't take a chance this summer after a restricted winter.

Our 21-point safety check will get your car back in shape for your plans and get everything working properly again. As an expert mechanic will cast their eye over your vehicle, you'll know it's an opinion you can trust.

By the end of this article, you will know:

  • What a Summer Health Check is
  • How much our car health check costs
  • Why this health check is important
  • How you can book yours



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Summer Health Check


Free Car Health Check at Participating Garages

By comparing UK garages on BookMyGarage, you can find the best deal on your Summer Health Check. Over 1,000 of our garages offer this vital 21-point safety check absolutely free of charge.

To find the nearest one to you, look at the interactive map on our Summer Health Check landing page. That makes it the perfect addition to any car service or MOT appointment. Plus, our car health check usually takes less than an hour to complete, so you can get your summer moving again quickly.


How Much Does a Car Health Check Cost?

If there are no participating garages near you offering this check for free, you can compare thousands of other UK garages on our directory. And, as prices start from just £20, you can still find a great deal!

Just enter your reg number and postcode to receive instant prices and find the best Summer Health Check deal near you. Filter garages by distance, reviews, availability and price to find your perfect deal. There's no sign-up, hidden extras or upfront payment.

Compare and save on your Summer Health Check today!


Why is a Summer Health Check Important?

Your car might have been sat around gathering dust over the winter. It might have missed a service or developed a fault while in storage. And a faulty car isn't fun to drive, and won't get you to your 'staycation' destination safely.

Bridge the maintenance gap with a Summer Health Check before you travel. It's quicker and more affordable than a service, so your summer plans aren't affected in any way.

Most importantly, it gives you the peace of mind you need and restores confidence in your vehicle.  


Don't know your vehicle registration?
Summer Health Check


21 Vital Checks For Peace Of Mind

A summer health check covers the most important areas of your car.

Here are the 21 checks included in our free car check:


Battery Condition

Visual check for leaks and damage, as well as a check to ensure the battery charges correctly and starts your vehicle.

Oil Level

How much engine oil your car has. If the level is too low, the mechanic will top it up

Coolant Level

How much coolant your car has. If the level is too low, or the condition is poor, the mechanic will suggest a coolant change.

Clutch Fluid Level

Check the level and condition of your clutch fluid (if applicable).

Air Conditioning Temperature

Ensure your air conditioning system blows cold air and is free from leaks or other damage.

External Lights

Check the condition of all bulbs on your vehicle. If any are damaged or don't work properly, the mechanic will change them.

Instrument Warning Lamps

Ensure your dashboard lights work and all illuminate as required.


Ensure that the horn is loud enough to alert other road users to your presence.

Number Plate Condition

Ensure your number plates are clean, legible and free from damage as per DVLA requirements.

Seat Belt Operation

Check that your seatbelts restrain you correctly and are free from damage.

Windscreen Wipers & Washers

Check for any rips, tears or other damage on your windscreen wipers and ensure that your washers work properly.

Windscreen Washer Reservoir

How much screen wash your car has. If the level is too low, the mechanic will top it up.

Windscreen Condition

Check for chips, cracks or other damage to the windscreen.

Mirror Condition

Check that you have full visibility out of every mirror, as well as inspecting for other damage.

Brake Fluid Top-Up

Inspect the condition and level of your brake fluid. The mechanic may suggest a brake fluid change if the condition is poor.

Brake Pad Condition

Check for wear, rust or other damage on the front and rear brake pads.

Tyre Pressures

Compare your tyre pressures to the standard measurements in your vehicle handbook. The mechanic will inflate/deflate your tyres as required.

Tyre Condition & Tread Depth

Ensure your tyres have at least 1.6mm tread depth and are free from cracks, tears or other damage. They will advise a tyre replacement if there is any damage or a lack of tread depth.

Steering Component Condition

Visual check for any damage on your steering rack and other steering elements. If your car has power steering fluid, the mechanic may inspect this as well.

Suspension Condition

Visual check for damage on your track rod ends, shock absorbers and other suspension elements.

Exhaust Condition

Visual check of the exhaust for any damage or excess smoke.

If the mechanic finds a problem with any of these checks, they will discuss a repair with you. Any additional work is optional and will be priced separately by the individual garage.


Book your Summer Health Check Today

Don't let your car dictate your summer plans. You want to have fun on the road and get to your destination safely, no matter where you want to go.

That's why you need to book a Summer Health Check today to get your car back in top condition.

With over 1,000 UK garages offering this vital 21-point check for free, you can also save yourself some money to spend on your 'staycation' or road trip!


Don't know your vehicle registration?
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