Safe ways to travel with your pet

Pet with head out of the window

Are you planning a long journey and you just can’t bring yourself to leave your pet at a kennel? Maybe you’re just taking them to the park, or to a dreaded vet appointment? Wherever you’re going, it is very important that you think of their safety as well as your own. This involves more than just shoving them in the back seat and driving off. Research carried out by ECHO found that:

“Although breaking the Highway Code might not result in a direct penalty, drivers could still be pulled over for driving without due care and attention – which comes with a maximum fine of £2,500 as well as a total of nine penalty points on your licence.”

For some animals, a journey in the car can be one of life’s happy experiences. For others, it can be a terrible, nerve-wracking time. Put it this way, if the destination is always the vet’s, your pet won’t enjoy the ride. However, if the journey takes them somewhere fun like the park, then, car journeys are awesome!

10 facts about driving with your pet

Helpful Tips:

Here are some ways to ensure a pleasant experience for your furry friend:

  • Keep him in a carrier or a crate which is secured. This will avoid it sliding around.
  • Ensure the area is well-ventilated
  • Feed him a few hours before starting your journey. Do not feed him while the vehicle is moving, it may upset his tummy which won’t end in good news for you.
  • Give him the luxury he deserves. In addition to food and water, allow him to have pillows and blankets. Not only will this give him plenty of comfort but will also smell familiar and put him at ease.

Never leave your pet alone in a vehicle. Not only will he get lonely, but a car can adapt very quickly to all sorts of temperatures. It can feel like an oven on a hot day, and a freezer on a cold day. And no, leaving your window open does not make it okay! Please, please, please! Don’t let your little friend stick his head out of the window…no matter how much you think he enjoys it. He could get hit by flying objects or a passing vehicle. He may even decide to try to climb out of the window. So, save yourself the embarrassment of having your dog hanging out of the window – it’ll end up on YouTube!

Travelling essentials

Here are a few things we suggest you pack for a journey with your pet:

  • Paper towels, stain remover and anything else you may need if your little friend has an accident.
  • Poo bags – and plenty of them!
  • Water bowl, food and some treats
  • Safety harness or crate
  • Seat covers to protect your car from hair and stains

Protect your dog from flying out of the car by keeping him safe and secure. Keep yourself and your passengers safe – you don’t want to be hit by a flying dog. Protect other road users – a pile-up may occur if your dog flies out into the road.

To avoid any unnecessary breakdowns or problems with your car while your pooch is in the back, contact us today! If you would like to book your vehicle in for a service, use our quick and easy online booking tool. Have a happy and safe trip with your furry friend!

Libby Simmons

Libby has been working for BookMyGarage writing articles, creating newsletters and handling the social media platforms. She works closely with ex-mechanics and subject matter experts to provide weekly blogs: essential advice on how to care for your car, need-to-know news and developments in the motoring world and helpful tips on how to cut the costs of running and maintaining your car.