Remote Control Parking – How Does it Work in A Car?

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As of June 2018, drivers in the UK with cars that can be parked by remote control will legally be allowed to do so. But what is remote control parking and how does it work? We explain below.


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What is Remote Control Parking?

Currently, this luxury is only available for high-end models, such as BMW’s 5 series. It allows drivers to park their cars using an app or their key fob. It’s been put in place to help drivers improve the accuracy of manoeuvres and make smaller parking spaces available to drivers. Transport minister Jesse Norman said:

“Advanced driver systems are already starting to revolutionise driving. It’s encouraging to see the strong support of these innovations from a range of stakeholders. We will continue to review our driving laws in order to ensure drivers can enjoy the potential of these new tools safely.”

According to transport chiefs, UK laws about remote control cars have been a bit uncertain, especially since they seem to contradict the laws against using a hand-held device while driving. However, after approval from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), laws around the issue have been updated, and the changes will come into effect in June 2018.

It’s suggested that the highway code will be updated, allowing drivers to use their hand-held device only when using a legal app. The driver will need to be fully responsible for the vehicle, ensuring that nobody is put in danger. They must stay in full control of the vehicle at all times.


How Does Remote Parking Work?

The remote control assists the vehicle in manoeuvring in and out of parking spaces. During this process, the driver is not seated in the vehicle but instead steers the manoeuvre from the outside with the key fob or the app. There are various sensors on the exterior of the vehicle which are able to sense objects around the car. When the sensors detect the end of the parking bay, the system automatically stops the vehicle. With the use of the system, tight parking spaces become easier to handle.


What impact will it have?

This technology will completely change the way we drive, and there are so many benefits to this new feature. For example, those who have mobility issues, remote control parking has the potential to make more places accessible. There are also further proposals considering motorway assistance technology for people who need it too. Remote control parking will positively impact those with small garages or even people who struggle with the task of parking.  It’s designed to give drivers confidence as well as more enjoyment while driving.


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Libby Simmons

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  1. Domingo Grich says: Reply

    Hi how are you? I have a quick question. Do you think electric RC cars are better than nitro powered? I see these electric cars go so fast! I’m just curious because I’m planning to buy my first one. Thanks big time!

    1. Mandy Weston says: Reply

      Hi Domingo,

      Thank you for your question. For clarity, a remote control is where the car is controlled remotely at a very slow speed so it can, for example, be parked in and out of a tight space.

      Nitro power is where a petrol engine has a % of nitromethane mixed with methanol induced into the engine. It is used for example in drag racing cars. It is not recommended to be used in a standard engine which has not been modified to accept this Nitro mixture.

      If you have any additional questions please let us know 🙂

  2. Sophia Alexsander says: Reply

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