Police cars? Seriously?

Car manufacturers love selling their cars to the Police just for the great PR alone.  The Police test all cars rigorously and then buy them in bulk. So, whatever type they decide to run with must be a winner.  Serving as colourful, mobile billboards, the cars the Police select almost scream out: reliability, performance and practicality… guaranteed!  And think about it, what car doesn’t look cool with Police markings?  Even a Police Smart Car looks good!


Looking at it though, there must be a specific role the Police have in mind that they thought the Smart Car could fill, although we can’t think what it might be off the tops of our heads.  Maybe the folks at Mercedes, the owners of Smart, are simply good salespeople!  It made us look for other cars built for the Police in the UK that fall in the category: “Seriously?”



Porsches are great cars and are perfect for Autobahns, the motorways in the country they were built that have no speed limits.  Here in the UK, the only time Porsche-type top speeds could be achieved would be in the early hours on a remote section motorway.  But is the cost of these cars with a couple of officers sitting in them for hours on end to catch the odd spoilt speeding teenager worth it?



The cars that form the backbone of the Police’s day-to-day fleets are the British-built Vauxhall Astra and Ford Focus.  But if you want to go chasing people at speed in a reliable way would you opt for another British option?  The Lotus Evora might look good, but their reputation falls short of equivalent foreign models.  Besides, where do the police stash all their kit in them?



For even less reliability, some police forces are going American.  But you have to admit that the classic Yankee muscle car, the Ford Mustang, does look like the sort of car a police officer should drive on patrol.  Its loud, uncompromising and fast, and therefore transmits the perfect message to the population as it drives around.  Just looking at it makes you think our police should carry guns too.  And listen to heavy metal as they drive around.



What is so bemusing about this Lamborghini is that it has Metropolitan Police insignia on it.  I don’t know about you, but the last time I was in a metropolitan area I moved along at 10 mph on average, maybe topping out at 20 mph.  If you saw this car in London, surely, rather than be impressed, you’d be cursing the misuse of your tax payments.  Has anyone actually seen this thing?



But we feel the decision that truly represents the tip of the iceberg was the one made by a couple of counties in the deep south-west of the UK.  The Ariel Atom does 0-60 in just over two seconds, putting it up there with the fastest road cars in the world.  This makes it an odd choice for an area known for its twisty roads that are often clogged with holiday traffic or slow-moving farm machinery.



But wait!  Why not go all the way?  Formula One?  You got it!  This is the Caparo T1 and wouldn’t it be a laugh if you broke down in your humble used car and this thing pulled up alongside to see how you were doing.  To prevent that from happening, either contact the police to tell them to get a grip on their vehicle choices or simply book your preventative car service through one of the 9,000 garages listed at bookmygarage.com!




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