Car running costs to increase: how to reduce your bills

Car running costs

BookMyGarage is warning drivers that car running costs are going to increase in 2017. Rising fuel prices, soaring inflation and mounting insurance premiums will all hit car owners. Speaking to The Sun newspaper, BookMyGarage boss Douglas Rotberg predicted tough times ahead for drivers: “Increases in costs will be a significant hit on those who are struggling […]

Killer mobile phone drivers to face life sentences

The RAC calls it an ‘epidemic’, which it claims is the greatest danger to road safety. Surveys suggest one in three drivers use a hand-held mobile phone while driving. Now the government is preparing to take drastic action on mobile phone use at the wheel: it plans to introduce life sentences for killer drivers. Sam […]

Car tax rules change: How they will affect you

Car tax rules

Rather like insurance and servicing, car tax is one of the necessary evils of driving. And from April 2017, the car tax rules change. As that date moves nearer, we’re going to hear a lot about the alterations. But what does it mean for the vast majority of us? The good news is those changes […]