Coronavirus – Updates For Car Owners

Ensure Your Car Is Safe & Roadworthy Due to the 6-month MOT extensions, there will be 1.5 million dangerous cars on the road. However, if you’re still using your car for essential travel, you must ensure it is in a safe and roadworthy condition. Watch the video below to see how to do these checks. […]

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How to choose the best car tyres

Mechanic inspecting car tyre to ensure it is the correct option for your vehicle

What’s the most important safety feature on your car? The airbags? Or what about the clever electronic stability control system that prevents skidding? Or how about the seatbelt that pulls you back into the seat in the split second before an impact? Actually, it’s none of these innovations. The most significant equipment for saving lives are […]

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Earn money from your car 2

BookMyGarage infographic showing ways to make money from your car including scrapping it yourself, hiring it out for weddings and track days and renting your parking space

If you commute to work by train, bike or foot, your car is sitting around doing nothing most of the time. Double that if you have a second car that is old, unique or sporty, or perhaps a combination of the three. So how can you earn money from your car? Find out in the […]

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