New year’s resolutions for your car

New Year

New year, new car! Beat the back to work blues by ensuring your car is ready to kick start 2018! 90% of us make new year’s resolutions, why not make some for your car too?

Be fuel efficient

Try to relax behind the wheel. Did you know that speeding and aggressive driving will increase your fuel consumption? Slow down and take your time. Make sure that you leave plenty of time for your journey, there’s no rush. Plan your route and always check the traffic before you set off. That way, you can avoid the busy rush.

Don’t be late

Evidence suggests that when you’re running late, you’re more likely to speed and pay less attention to the road. You are also more likely to be a less patient driver. Why not make it your resolution to leave a few minutes early? That way, you’re less likely to be late if you hit unexpected traffic.

Turn off your phone

Is your mobile constantly ringing and pinging every few minutes? This can be a major interference when you’re behind the wheel. Not only is it dangerous and likely to be the cause of a distraction, it can also land you with a hefty fine and six penalty points. Why not avoid this distraction and turn your phone off while driving?

Clean your car

New year, new car! Cleaning both the interior and exterior of your car is a great way to kick start the new year! Give your car interior a good old deep clean, including things like the seats, mats, dashboard and even the gearstick gaiter. Why not treat yourself to a new air freshener, just to add that extra freshness. Don’t forget about the outside of your car either. A clean car makes a clean mind. It can really help you focus on the road, and make your journey’s more enjoyable.

Stay organised

Do you tend to shove important documents in your car’s glove box or all leave them around the house? Most of us do. This can often result in us loosing the papers at a time when we need them most. Why not keep yourself organised and put all your important documents together in one file. You can keep this in your glove box, so all the documents are always on hand.

Book your MOT

Have you been holding off booking your MOT for a while? Well what better time to book than in the new year. Give your car a fresh start to the year, and make sure it is safe to be on the road. An MOT is required on all cars over the age of three years. It’s important to take your car in for an MOT to ensure the safety of you and your passengers. Be sure to use our quick and easy online booking tool to book an MOT today!

Don’t ignore problems

If a light flashes up on your dashboard, don’t ignore it. These small problems may turn into bigger and more expensive ones. A good way to ensure that your car is in good condition is to have it regularly serviced. This may reveal problems that you didn’t even know about! Did you know that some of our garages offer a discount if you book a full or major service at the same time as an MOT. So, not only will you be ensuring the safety of your car, but what a great way to save money!

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Libby Simmons

Libby has been working for BookMyGarage writing articles, creating newsletters and handling the social media platforms. She works closely with ex-mechanics and subject matter experts to provide weekly blogs: essential advice on how to care for your car, need-to-know news and developments in the motoring world and helpful tips on how to cut the costs of running and maintaining your car.