Potholes, puddles, kissing and kerbs – our life in cars

Motoring lifetime

How much do you love your car? Let’s put it another way: do you love your car enough to spend three years in it? Possibly not, but that’s the amount of time the average Brit will pass in their car during a motoring lifetime.

In those 1080 days, we’ll stall the engine, scoff more sandwiches, share more kisses and scrape more kerbs than we have near accidents. This astonishing list of stats was compiled by the British Lung Foundation after it interviewed 2000 drivers.

How many miles?

According to the research we’ll average 257,356 miles over our 60-year motoring lifetime. Actually, that only equates to the relatively modest total of around 4000 miles a year. But it’s still enough to cover 10.3 laps of the world. During that time, we’ll run through 150 potholes – more than two every year – and break the speed limit 146 times. We’ll also turn without indicating 84 times, resort to reading a map because we’re lost 52 times, and park on double yellow lines 27 times. Then there are the 20 red lights we’ll run and bumping our bumpers into stationary objects 12 times. We’ll also splash through 95 large puddles and each kill six animals that will have run out into the road in front of us.

We’re a passionate lot

Motoring lifetime

During our motoring lifetime, we’ll enjoy 81 kisses. And proving that we’re not just lovers, the average driver will have the same number of road rage fits. Thankfully we’ll only stall the engine 64 times and we’ll only cry 33 times. But proving how stressful driving can be, we’ll indulge in 51 arguments with other passengers.

The car as an extension of our home

Many of us do all the things we do in our homes in our cars. We’ll eat around 60 meals and spill 14 drinks over ourselves or the car’s interior. After that onslaught, we’ll buy 70 air fresheners to ensure our car continues to smell sweetly. And we’ll make 84 hands-free phone calls, play 39 games of I-Spy and come over all Karaoke with 112 singalongs. Unsurprisingly, bearing in mind the amount of time we spend at the wheel, there’ll be 122 daydreams.

Motoring lifetime

Why was this research carried out?

The study was conducted to demonstrate how important clean air is because of the amount of time we spend in our cars. A spokeswoman for the British Lung Foundation said: “We are breathing in toxic fumes when we’re driving or running the engine, and many drivers are not aware of this.

“Winding your windows up does not prevent air pollution getting into your car. A driver can actually breathe in higher amounts of dirty air than a cyclist on the same road. You may be driving a cleaner car but you can still be collecting toxic gases from the vehicles around you via the air vents sucking up air from the exhaust of the vehicle in front while you’re stuck in traffic.”

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