MOT Changes Scrapped?

As some of us may remember, January 2017 was the time proposals were made suggesting MOT changes. It was suggested that the date of a car’s first MOT would be moved from three years to four years. An estimate of £100 million a year was thought to be saved by motorists. Also, with the new and improved mechanics and technology, cars wouldn’t need an MOT so soon. However, after many surveys were carried out, fewer than half were in favour. The Department for Transport Vehicle have announced that the changes will not be going forward.


We have spoken to Smile Servicing about what they thought of the changes not proceeding:

“It is a good idea as Government figures revealed that the pass rate was around 85% and the most common reasons for failure include lighting, tyres and braking faults. So, although the failure rate is low, the fact that the failures were on items is dangerous. Remember that it is not only failures that are shown on an MOT, advisories are as well and a lot of these are tyre and brake related as well. These would most certainly fail before a fourth year MOT was due.”

The Public didn’t agree with the changes

The research was carried out and documented by the Government in response to the consultation and summary of responses. During which, the following information was discovered:

43% of people surveyed were in favour of the first MOT test date being moved from three years to four years, meaning the majority were not in favour. The reason for a lot of people’s vote was that they believe that paying for an MOT one year earlier was a small price to pay for ensuring road safety. However, others believe that vehicles are now better built and that accidents are more likely to be caused by driver error than a mechanical failure.

In another survey carried out, 1,700 people were asked whether they think that the date of the first test should be moved from three years to four. 444 said yes, 1,251 said no and 5 made no comment. That means that 74% of people asked, disagreed with the proposals. A significant amount of responses to this survey raised the issue of road safety and those who disagreed got asked why. 69% were concerned that the vehicle may not have been tested for safety. 23% were concerned about owners not correctly maintaining their car.

What do you think?

Douglas Rotberg CEO of BookMyGarage says

“I am delighted that the Government have chosen to take the industries advice and that the MOT is to remain at year three and then yearly after that. It is imperative that our industry look after customer safety as best we can, and the MOT had proven to be one of the best methods in delivering this. The MOT need not be an expense for the motorists, with many garages listed on BMG offering an MOT for 1p when booked with a yearly service.”

Whether or not the MOT changes should take place have been quite a controversial topic for many. But what do you think? Let us know your opinion in the comments below! Ensure your car stays safe on the road and book your MOT. You can use our quick and simple online booking tool. Just type in your VRM and postcode and we’ll give you the price, distance and reviews of all the garages near you. We’ll also give you your MOT due date too!


Libby Simmons

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