MOT Changes 2018

What’s it all about?

As you may be aware, the idea of changing the first date of a car’s MOT from three to four years has been scrapped. However, there are still some MOT changes happening in 2018.

From May 2018, a new set of MOT failures will be introduced in the UK. This includes new minor, major and dangerous defects. MOT tests for diesel cars are also set to get stricter.

The three types of defects in the MOT changes 2018

There will be three categories within an MOT test. Faults will be classified as dangerous, major and minor. Dangerous and major faults will result in an immediate fail, however cars with minor faults will pass. All faults will be recorded on your MOT certificate as well as an online MOT record. The new fault categories have been introduced to meet the new European Union Roadworthiness Package and will also apply to all cars

Neil Barlow, head of MOT policy at the DVSA  said to Auto Express

“We’re changing the wording on the certificate. We’ve done a lot of research with motorists to find out what sort of information helps. The new categorisation should help motorists do the right thing, IE not drive away from the garage and get the fault fixed”

Minor faults

Problems that don’t have a significant effect on the vehicle’s safety or an impact on the environment. If only minor faults are issued, the vehicle will pass, and a test certificate will be handed over.

Major faults

Problems that may partially affect the vehicle’s safety, impact the environment or put other road users at risk.

Dangerous faults

Problems that establish an instant and direct risk to driver’s safety, other road user’s safety or harm to the environment.

Why is it harder for Diesel cars to pass with the MOT changes 2018?

Diesel cars will have to meet strict rules to pass the new test. The diesel particulate filter (DPF) will need to be checked and inspected as part of the test. However, if the DPF has been moved or tampered with, it will result in an automatic fail. Many diesel motorists in the UK have removed their DPF to avoid it getting clogged and dirty. Although it’s not illegal to remove one, it is however to drive without one. If a diesel car emits visible smoke of any colour during the test, it will automatically result in a major.

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