Late Valentine’s dates in your car

So, Valentine’s day has just ended. Your partner isn’t happy with the amount of ‘effort’ you’ve put in, and you need a way to redeem yourself. Or, maybe you just forgot and are dreading the inevitable question of “where’s my Valentine’s day gift?”. Whatever the situation, don’t panic – we’ve put together some last-minute date ideas, and what’s more, they’ll all take place with the one thing you truly love…your car!

In the USA, one can drive for miles on a secluded, warm and sandy beach, explore huge forests along dirt roads and reach the massive canyons to soak in the views. When totally alone with their loves out in Nature, Americans know how to make the most of their cars, which is why they tend to be so big. However, things are different here in the UK!  So, we’ve given it some thought and put together some late date ideas to have in your car.

Scenic route

Why not take a long and romantic drive across the countryside at sunset? You could bring a couple of camping chairs and a picnic to accompany your view, as well as some blankets as it can get pretty cold in the evenings. However, living in the UK, we can’t always guarantee the weather, so  the back seats might just have to do. Check out our top ten scenic routes in the UK for inspiration and create a romantic playlist for your other half for you two to enjoy while watching the sunset.!

Drive-thru cinema

If you’re lucky enough to live near one of the few drive-thru cinemas in the UK, then don’t miss the opportunity. Skip a trip to a normal cinema, and head for the novelty option. Just like in a classic American 70’s film, pull up with refreshments and enjoy the film together. You won’t have to worry about the people behind you being too loud, as you’ll be in the privacy of your own car. If you don’t live near a drive-thru cinema, why not visit an outdoor cinema instead?


As clichéd as it may sound, a stargazing trip is the perfect date idea, perhaps after a romantic meal.. There are some great spots for stargazing in the UK, some of which are incredibly secluded and will really give you the chance to get some alone time with your loved one. Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take a moment to enjoy the wonderful view!

Spontaneous drive

I know what you’re thinking, some of these ideas sound great but would probably be too much hassle. Well, why not simply take a spontaneous drive? Get in your car, ditch the sat-nav and see where the road takes you. Who knows, you could end up finding hidden places that you never knew about. A great date idea that can be done at any time of the day!

We hope that this has saved you in your late Valentine’s day panic. The most important thing to remember is to not go anywhere unless your car is in good condition.  Ensure that your car has had regular servicing and its MOT is up to date. If your MOT is due, be sure to book online with us today!


Libby Simmons

Libby has been working for BookMyGarage writing articles, creating newsletters and handling the social media platforms. She works closely with ex-mechanics and subject matter experts to provide weekly blogs: essential advice on how to care for your car, need-to-know news and developments in the motoring world and helpful tips on how to cut the costs of running and maintaining your car.