Welcome to BookMyGarage’s Road Trip of Horror. We’ve found fifteen of the most haunted roads in the world, each with multiple terrifying tales from the supernatural, to drive at your peril. We reckon you’re more likely to see one of these supernatural speedsters on these roads than your average family hatchback. If you’re feeling really brave and want to visit, we’ve grouped several together to help you plan your frighteningly fun autumn road trip. But only if you dare...


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The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland - 660 miles


The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

Less of a road, more of a tree-lined avenue, we begin our journey on the set of Game of Thrones. Yes, the King’s Road is actually the haunted driveway of Gracehill House, a Georgian Manor in County Antrium. Lurking amongst the picturesque beech trees is the Grey Lady, either a maid who died in mysterious circumstances or a lost spirit from a nearby graveyard. While you can’t actually drive down this road anymore, it’s a beautiful stroll - but if you take any photos, beware seeing more than you bargained for...


A75, Scotland

Truck in a haunted road

Driving between Stranraer and Gretna Green at night down the widely labelled ‘most haunted road in Britain’ could see an encounter with any manner of ghosts and unnatural phenomena. It could be animals flying at your windscreen. It could be a procession of medieval peasants pushing carts or a screaming hag. Or, one of the most popular, an accident with an old man in tweed where no body is left. 

Most of these shocking stories were reported by traumatised truck drivers - some of whom gave up trucking altogether after their experiences. Before any sceptics cry collusion, many of them were travelling separately and had never met each other. So, how could they collaborate their stories? 


M6, in particular, Junctions 16-19 and the Toll Road 

Toll roads can be horrific enough - but that’s before watching an entire cohort of Roman soldiers parade in front of your vehicle. 

The longest motorway in Britain stretches over 230 miles, through several counties and over an immeasurable amount of history. And, through either spooky coincidence or paranormal involvement, Junctions 16-19 are an accident hotbed, nicknamed ‘The Cheshire Bermuda Triangle’ by some and thought to be cursed by others, having disturbing Roman burial grounds and the site of an Anglo-Scottish battlefield. Along this stretch of the motorway, you could encounter fake hitchhikers who disappear after you’ve picked them up, a malevolent mist or a phantom lorry intent on causing harm. So drive safely - you never know what you might meet on the road ahead...


A666, Greater Manchester

Haunted motorway

A road with the number assigned to the Beast was always bound to be haunted, wasn’t it? Across the moors stretches the Devil’s Highway - and you’re never guaranteed to be the only one on the road. Several dark shadows have caused accidents between Egerton and Darwen as well as a single white figure. Captured on dashcam footage, the hunched-over figure - more creature than man - limped towards a terrified driver, before vanishing into thin air.

The road is considered haunted because of the number of people who have jumped from its bridges to commit suicide over the years. There are also thought to be covered mineshafts, in which more ghostly shadows could be lurking. Oh, and if you’re brave enough to drive the Devil’s Highway, leave plenty of time for your journey - you might lose some of it along the way...


Stockbridge Bypass, South Yorkshire

This road was haunted even before it had been built. The construction workers heard children playing at night and even saw their figures - but before they could investigate further, they disappeared without a trace. 

Like the M6 and A666, this road has an incredibly high accident rate, some of which is attributed to the ghostly monk who is known to appear beside and inside vehicles. He is believed to be a medieval holy man who lost his faith and wasn’t given a proper burial which cursed his soul to wander the Earth forevermore...


B3212, Devon, in particular, Postbridge to Two Bridges

Scary man in front of a car

Keep two hands on the wheel at all times on this stretch of road - for you could be at the mercy of the ‘Hairy Hands’ otherwise. These spectral hands have been causing accidents since 1925, wrenching bicycle handlebars and steering wheels to the side, throwing their riders and drivers off of the road and into ditches - sometimes fatally.

The hands can also find you should you park up beside the road. One unhappy camper from the Twentieth Century spoke of her horror as the dismembered hands crawled up the window of her campervan ‘intent on doing harm’ but shied away once she made the appropriate sign of the cross in its direction. So, you might want to sleep with one eye open if you’re in the area...


Nearly 700 miles of terror right on our shores - perhaps even your doorstep? But, if you thought those were bad, just wait until you hear about what’s to come... 


North America - 1,759 miles


Bloods Point Road, Illinois

A cemetery guarded by hellhounds which can mutilate humans before disappearing or ghostly school children haunting the bridge under which they were killed - either could be the most terrifying haunting on this road. But there’s a more sinister force than either of them.

A rancid witch named Beaula wanders the road, inducing fear and vomiting in any who lay eyes on her. She is alleged to have hung her children and then herself from Bloodspoint Road Bridge and now wanders during the night, driven by madness to haunt the road forevermore. Many have suggested that she appears to be in search of someone or something - if you see her, you’d better hope that it isn’t you that she’s looking for...


Sensabaugh Tunnel, Tennessee

Haunted tunnel

If you want to leave this tunnel alive, don’t stop. Don’t turn off your engine. Because, if you do, it might not start again. And then he’ll come for you: Ed Sensabaugh, the man who killed his entire family within this tunnel’s walls. 

For those of you who are braver, switching your engine off could bring out a whole host of ghostly happenings. You might hear a baby cry or the screams of a woman, rumoured to be Mr Sensabaugh’s wife. Find a child’s handprints on your vehicle after leaving the tunnel or might even see the ghost of Ed Sensabaugh stalking towards your vehicle. He might even appear on your back seat. And you’ll have no way of escaping him if he does...


The Screaming Tunnel, Ontario, Canada

Haunted Passage

You can’t drive through this tunnel and the story may seem more tragic than downright creepy. 

Approaching the tunnel on foot, it even looks haunted. It was originally built as a draining passage to stop nearby footpaths being lost underwater, but it wasn’t quite deep enough to save a girl who allegedly caught fire when a nearby farm burned down one night. Now, if you strike a match on the tunnel wall around midnight, you’ll hear a scream and the flame will be extinguished, the fire a traumatic reminder of the tortured spirit’s fate. 

A reminder she can’t allow you to have.


‘Annie’s Road’, New Jersey

The origin of this haunting is highly unclear but the end result of all of them is a young girl wandering this road, actually known as Riverview Drive, at night, still dressed in the prom dress she fatefully attended.

The most retold version of the story is that ‘Annie’ got into an argument with her boyfriend after prom and stormed out of his truck. On her way back to the nearby town of Totowa, she was ambushed by drunken sailors who took her and killed her. Now, she appears on the road, as if hitchhiking, still in her blood-stained dress.

Creepy enough right? But that’s before we’ve mentioned the rumours of dwarves living in a nearby cul-de-sac...


Clinton Road, New Jersey

The stream beneath a bridge on Dead Man’s Curve is the resting place of the Ghost Boy of Clinton Road. It has become the wishing well you don’t want an answer from.

If you stand on the bridge after dark and toss a coin into the water, you may see it again sooner than you bargained for. The Ghost Boy has been known to throw coins back out of the river and appear as a watery face on the surface. You might even get a dunking - if you bend down to pick up the money, the Ghost Boy might shove you in the water. Legend has it that he was killed by a car as he bent down to pick up a quarter and he doesn’t want you to meet the same fate...


Mount Misery Road and Sweet Hollow Road, New York State

Haunted Road

Grouped together because they run parallel to each other on Long Island, this area has long been thought cursed. Native Americans even went as far as to call it ‘No Man’s Land’. But that hasn’t stopped a whole host of spirits making it their preferred haunt.

If you take a drive down either of these roads, you might see a group of teenagers hanging from the underside of the bridge, ghosts of suicide pact long ago. You might see a child sitting on top of the overpass, killed in a hit-and-run. There are vanishing hitchhikers, a woman who’ll push your car to safety if you stop near the overpass, another who’ll sit up as you pass the tree where she died and a ghostly policeman missing half his skull from a shotgun blast.

And if you see a man swinging a basket of severed heads, don’t stop for him. You wouldn’t want him to be able to add yours to his collection, would you?


Ghastly. Ghostly. Horrific. America isn’t the sort of place you want to be caught out after dark as all manner of terrible spirits and malevolent forces lurk in the shadows, preying on the vulnerable and unsuspecting. And there’s so much more that we haven’t covered on this list...


Asia - 1061 miles


E8 Expressway, Malaysia

The yellow driverless Volkswagen is the least of your worries on this grisly Asian motorway. Ghosts and Pontianak’s (female vampires from Malay folklore, usually women who died while pregnant), haunt the road inciting terror in the ghost fearing people of Malaysia. But those are not the most terrifying tales from this road...

A family broke down on the motorway. The father tried and failed, to fix the car and then left his wife and their baby to walk down the hard shoulder to find a phone booth. A long-time passed with no return until the woman heard a loud, repetitive banging on the roof of her car. But she did not get out to investigate as her husband had told her not to. More time passed, and still, he did not return. Eventually, the police arrived and told the woman to bring her baby out of the vehicle and, under no circumstances, look back. But temptation proved too strong, especially after listening to the repeated banging for so long. And what she saw froze her to her core.

Sitting on top of the car was a ghoul-like creature, transfixed with banging something on the roof like a drum. Something that turned out to be the decapitated head of her husband...


Rama IX Road, Bangkok

Haunted taxi

The hauntings on this road are one of the most recently reported. In 2016, a viral video clearly showed a girl sitting on the boot of a car, unperturbed by the speed at which the vehicle was travelling. She does not move until she notices that she is being filmed when she starts angrily pointing at the camera and then hammering against the car while wearing only one shoe. It could be a hoax - but the registration plates on the car had been those cancelled from a brown Opel taxi. 

But the car which the girl was riding was red and not a taxi in any way.

Speaking of taxis, a taxi driver was left stunned on this road after two girls he picked up for a fare disappeared from the back of his car and then reappeared in front of him, their faces dripping with blood, when his taxi got stuck on train tracks. Thankfully, he escaped. It seems the girls weren’t so lucky...

Ghosts are especially feared in Asian culture and expelling Demons is incredibly important to them. But that doesn’t mean they are exempt from haunted roads themselves, as there are others on the continent where the cause of death is often not as clear as people might think...


Australia - 9 miles

Wakehurst Parkway, New South Wales

This road may only be short but, as the site of historical gruesome murders and hauntings, it more than deserves a place on this list. 

If you’re driving down this stretch of road at night, you won’t want to do it alone. You might come face to face with ‘Kelly’ a young girl who apparently died in a car crash during the 1970s and now haunts the road intent on causing harm. If you don’t tell her to leave, she’ll try and take control of the car and force you to crash.

You might also find a ghostly grey nun sitting in your car, staring at you with sad, green eyes. Maybe she’s the same Scottish nun who died on the road almost forty years ago?

The road has so much of a haunting presence, a documentary has been made about it. Filming for the said documentary was so harrowing that a number of crew members became physically ill, sensed presences and all of them vowed to never return to the site ever again. Clearly, Wakehurst Parkway is a highway of horror down under…


Visit these roads at your peril. No matter whether you believe in the supernatural or not, stories have an incredible power of their own and the history of these roads is wreathed with them. So, drive safely

Because you never know what might be around the corner…


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