Is this the most haunted car ever?

james dean

Halloween is right around the corner. This is the time of year for stories of hauntings! Creepy old houses and psych wards are not the only places where spooky events occur. We at BookmyGarage wanted to share some scary stories surrounding James Dean’s Porsche.

Alec Guinness (Obi-Wan Kebobi) took one look at the car and told Dean that the car had a “sinister appearance”. The silver 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder is known as the infamous car that killed James Dean just nine days after buying the car. But Dean’s death wasn’t the last of the strange occurrences surrounding the car. The Porsche also broke a mechanic’s leg, two men were involved in a car accident after purchasing parts from the vehicle and many more stories of horrifying incidents related to anyone who came into contact with the car.

The Porsche managed to crush a truck driver while being transported from its second exhibit. It then fell off of two more transport trucks and all of a sudden, it disappeared. The exact whereabouts of the car is still unknown.

It’s safe to say that this car is definitely cursed. We talk more about these incidents caused by “Little Bastard” in our infographic below! Read on if you dare.


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Ashleigh Brown