Footballers love their cars - almost as much as the game itself! With the delayed Euro 2020 tournament kicking off today, we've taken the opportunity to look inside the garages of the English team. And no, it's not just a sea of Range Rovers. As it turns out, international footballers can make dodgy car choices as well.

Can you work out which stars the Smart car, Citroen Saxo and Nissan Qashqai belong to?  

Check out our title-winning car football team!


Did you know? Despite being a Premier League, Champions League and World Cup winner, N'Golo Kante's prize possession is his £25,000 MINI Cooper S.

Did you know? Gareth Southgate's £80,000 Bentley Continental was sold on Auto Trader through a private seller.

Did you know? Many footballers choose to lease their vehicles rather than buy them outright. This allows them to drive plenty of trendy vehicles each year. Obviously, the premiums are pretty expensive - but as many of them earn at least five-figures each week, they can afford it!