Dare to take a trip down a haunted road?

road at night, unwise to drive long distances in the dark

Different people celebrate Halloween in different ways. For those who have children, dressing up and trick or treating. Some watch a scary film or visit a haunted house. But, have you ever considered taking a drive down a haunted road? Here are some results from a survey Express carried out.

“38 percent of people surveyed said that they would go out of their way to avoid driving on a supposedly haunted road at night time – with a further 9 percent saying they’d avoid it completely, regardless of the time of day.”

Here are some of the most haunted roads in the UK, and the stories behind them. Are you willing to take the risk?

Ghostly appearances down the M6

If you fancy a thrill, the M6 is seen to be the most haunted road in the UK – as it’s the longest road, this may be the reason why. There have been many different sightings, some occurring more often than others. It seems that between junctions 16 (Crewe) and 19 (Knutsford) is a common area for accidents. Locals and the police believe that the reason behind many of these accidents are caused by drivers who have been distracted by ghostly appearances. Some of the sightings include Roman soldiers, a ghostly woman, Victorian man and even a lorry which drives against the flow of traffic! Drivers have also reported eyes looking out at them from the bushes in Manchester and Leigh…creepy!

Lost bride on A229, South England

The local police are not at all strangers to hearing reports of drivers hitting pedestrians. Specifically, a lonely woman wearing a white dress. She is often spotted near and along the road. Many drivers claim to have hit her after she appears out of nowhere. But once they get out to check, she has vanished. Legend has it that she’s a bride who died on the day of her wedding after being in a terrible car accident. There have also been reports of a hitchhiker wondering around a local pub. Motorists say he gets into their cars, has a conversation with them and then mysteriously disappears. The strange part is, everyone who has reported the hitchhiker has described him to vanish at the exact same point on the road. I don’t know about you, but I don’t plan to drive down the A229 in the middle of the night!

Phantom roads on the A1, South London

There seems to be many strange things that happen down this road. One thing that seems to be very common is the disappearing of the road! Motorists have reported a phantom road appearing in its place but leading the completely opposite way. Unfortunately, this has been the cause of some terrible collisions. It is also known for motorists to think they’ve knocked down an old lady with white hair, wearing a fawn coat. When they get out to check, nobody is there. But, on the opposite side of the carriageway, another motorist appears to have had a similar accident. The police say that her appearance usually involves two cars, rather than one.

Hairy Hands, B3212, Devon

This is a road that runs along the borders of Exeter and believe me, it looks terrifying at night. It’s a little country road with no lampposts, just pure darkness. Legend has it to be haunted by a nasty spirit – which makes is even more terrifying! ‘Hairy Hands’ is what the spirit is commonly known as. Along this road have been many accidents, including cyclists. This may not sound too out of the ordinary, but many who survived the crash described the same sensation before the occurrence. They felt as if there were something or someone pulling at their steering wheel or handle bars, causing them to completely lose control.

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