Christmas gifts for petrol heads don't have to be dull and boring - and they aren't as difficult to find as you might think. Our lives revolve around cars and car-related things, so we want presents to match!

If you struggle to find amazing gifts for petrol head(s) in your life here are 21 ideas to help you out. Plus, they've all been approved by our office petrol heads, so you know you're not going to buy a dud gift this year!


Cool Christmas Gifts For Petrol Heads

These Christmas gifts are the Holy Grail for any petrol head - car related and also extremely cool! If you want to buy a truly worthwhile present for them this year, you must consider these items.


Steelman 24 Metal Sculpture: Prices vary

These funky handmade desk ornaments will liven up the workspace of any petrol head - especially if their home office is looking a bit dull. 

Combining different metals in handcrafted sculptures, Steelman's products are cool no matter which one you choose. Our personal favourite is the Formula 1 wine bottle holder.

Check out their range of products for yourself to find the best gift for your petrol head this Christmas.

Get them at:


Experience Days: Prices Vary

There's nothing cooler than the rush you feel behind the wheel of a sports car speeding around a race track. Or, if you know someone who doesn't mind getting muddy, what about an off-roading experience? Or, if you know a slightly younger or less adventurous petrol head, what about a simulated race day experience? There are endless options once you start looking.

We recommend the Double Supercar Blast on I Want One of Those (IWOOT) for £84, down from £99, or the F1 GP Simulator Experience (Virgin Experiences £39 or £31.50 on IWOOT). But, with plenty of options out there, you can find the best experience for your budget and petrol head. After all, you know them best!

Get them at: Double Supercar Blast or F1 GP Simulator Experience 


green sports car turning into the red and white apex curb on a race track corner

There's no better feeling than racing around a circuit in a high-powered sports car - so why not gift that feeling to the petrol head in your life this Christmas?


Custom Car Drawing: Prices Vary

If you know that your petrol head has a favourite or dream car, why not buy them a custom piece of artwork immortalising it? Sure, it's never going to be as good as owning the real thing but a quality hand-drawn print might make their daydreams a little more realistic!

There are plenty of options on Etsy in particular, but we recommend checking out Think Print Love (and not just because they had a 20% off sale at the time of writing). Their quirky art style really brings the drawing to life.

Get them at: ThinkPrintLove on Etsy


Half-scale GP Crash Helmet: £24.99

What could be cooler than owning your very own F1 helmet? Sure, they're not big enough to wear but they do have sleek designs of some of the most famous F1 tracks on the calendar painted on. Choose from the UK (Silverstone), Singapore, Monaco, America (Circuit of the Americas), Japan (Suzuka), Italy (Monza) or Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina). 

MJ Monaco has sold official F1 merchandise at every GP for the last 30 years, so you know it's going to be high-quality as well. This helmet is a great value centrepiece for any shelf - so it's no surprise they're very popular. Grab yours before they sell out!

Get it at: MJ Monaco on Amazon


Useful Gifts For Petrol Heads

Gift the best of both worlds with a useful Christmas present. Not only will they love the gift, but they'll also get plenty of use out of it in the years to come.


Kenu Airbase Pro Car Phone Mount: $20.97 (£15.72)

Classic car enthusiasts are used to having a lower level of technology in their cars - but that doesn't mean they're always happy about it! A gift which allows them to use their mobile phone safely while driving would be super useful.

The Kenu Phone Mount attaches to your dashboard and supports any smartphone in portrait and landscape mode. That way, you're able to keep your eyes on the road at all times while knowing exactly where you need to go. Make sure you attach it so it doesn't block your line of vision and avoid using it in a handheld mode while driving.

Get it at:


in-car phone mount christmas gift

How handy would this little Christmas gift be? (Generic model shown). Photo by Michael Jin on Unsplash


Car Care Equipment - Prices Vary

It might sound a bit dud to the average driver, but some petrol heads absolutely love the way their car looks. So, what could be better than some top quality car cleaning products? If you know someone who cleans their car every weekend, check out the car cleaning aisles at your local auto shop or search Amazon for the best brands. 

A great way to present this Christmas gift would be to create a car care hamper full of shampoos, waxes, sprays, brushes and sponges.

Get it at: Amazon


V8 Engine Block Pen Holder - £21.79 (20% off at time of writing, exc. delivery)

This stylish organiser comes in 13 different colours and holds 8 pens (1 for each cylinder head) plus assorted small stationery items in the middle (paperclips, drawing pins, etc). That makes it handy and, when full of pens, reminds your petrol head of the most beautiful sight - a V8 engine.

It's the perfect gift for a petrol head who wants to make their desk look more like a garage or pit lane!

Get it at: TilloLabs on Etsy


Bentley Fragrances: Prices Start From £59.50

Bentley launched their fragrance line in 2020 and, as you would expect, they're classy fragrances with an expensive price tag to match.

The Silverlake Eau De Parfum (£69.50) & Azure Eeau De Toilette (£59.50) are two of the cheaper options. They're crisp, fresh fragrances designed to excite and invigorate any male petrol head. And, more importantly, neither of them smell like sweat or engine grease. Which is a bonus. 

There is also a range of female fragrances but, at £165 a bottle, they're more expensive.

Get the Eau de Parfum at:

Get the Eau de Toilette at:


Fashion Gifts For Petrol Heads

If you're going to gift clothes to a petrol head this Christmas, at least make sure they have something to do with cars. No boring socks or plain shirts please. Thankfully, you'll find some great inspiration below.


Humorous Car T-Shirt: £16.95 Each

This is the perfect gift for a petrol head with a sense of humour. A t-shirt about cars is always appreciated and they can wear it with pride while pottering around the garage! If you choose well, they may even wear it outside the house. Whether you want to be seen with them when they do is another story...

Petrolthreads have a wide range of t-shirts to suit every petrol head. They stock different brands and movie shirts as well as vintage planes, motorbikes and much more! There's also a fantastic selection at petrolheadgifts.

Get them at: or


Heel Tread Socks: From £10

It's not often you can call a pair of socks cool - but Heel Tread's car-themed range is just that. They pay tribute to some of the finest cars of all time, adorned with their famous liveries. Options include the Jaguar XJR, Mitsubishi Evo, MINI Cooper, Jaguar E-Type, and even the Delorean DMC from 'Back to the Future.

There are plenty of options, including aircraft designs and a surprise bag (a random selection of four pairs of socks). Browse their collection and find a great pair of socks to suit your petrol head's interests.

Get them at:


Jeremy Clarkson Gifts For Petrol Heads

Other members of the Grand Tour are available. But with the extra success of 'Clarkson's Farm' on Amazon Prime, there's plenty of Jeremy Clarkson merchandise out there. Of course, you can also expand your search to look for 'Top Gear' or 'The Grand Tour'. We found products for both on Amazon, Etsy and Redbubble - it all depends on what your petrol head is into the most!


Diddly Squat Book: £14.99 (£2 off at time of writing)

'Diddly Squat: A Year on the Farm' is a companion book to 'Clarkson's Farm' and follows his interesting attempt to master farming. Because how hard could that be...?

Packed fully of the same witty humour we've come to expect from Clarkson and featuring all the stars of the show, 'Diddly Squat: A Year on the Farm' is a great read for fans of all ages.

Get it at:


Quote T-shirts: Prices Vary

When it comes to Clarkson quotes, there's plenty to choose from! Whether it's the classic "On That Bombshell" or Kaleb or Jeremy blaming the other for a terrible piece of farming, you'll find a great selection on Neonthiefco's Etsy store.

If they don't take your fancy, there are plenty of offerings from other Etsy stores. Alternatively, you can look on Amazon and Redbubble for the best present for your petrol head.

Get them at: Neonthiefco on Etsy


Collectibles & Hobbies Gifts For Petrol Heads

If you know a petrol head who found a new hobby during lockdown, why not give them another project this Christmas? Cars are popular models and collectables and there are options for all ages. From the classics to something cool and unique, here are a few of our favourite options.


Playforever Wooden Cars: Prices Vary

Many of Playforever's beautiful wooden cars are suitable for petrol heads of all ages. That makes them a great option whether you're looking to buy a children's toy or a stylish collectable.

They have a wide range of vintage and modern cars, including F1 cars and Le Mans racers. Choose your model and the colour and watch your petrol head smile as they unwrap it! And, with so many to choose from, you've got plenty of gift ideas for years to come.

Get them at:


Lego Technic or Airfix Models: Prices Vary

No matter your budget, there is a Lego Technic or Airfix model to gift to your petrol head.

Lego options include the Ford F-150 Raptor (£129.99), Bugatti Chiron (£329.99; retiring soon), Ferrari 488 GTE (£169.99), Ducati Panigale (£54.99) and the Jeep Wrangler (£44.99).

Airfix options include the 1930 4.5 litre Bently (£109.99), Ford Mustang QUICKBUILD (£13.99), VW Campervan QUICKBUILD (£16.99), Jaguar E-Type starter set (£15.99) and MINI Countryman WRC starter set (£24.99).

Get them at: or


blue lego super car on white background, Bugatti Chiron Lego gift

Not only does the Bugatti Chiron make an amazing gift for a petrol head, it's also retiring soon - so this may be your last chance to grab one! Photo by Toni Zaat on Unsplash 


UF Gears U-9 Grand Prix Car: £41

If you're looking for the next step up from Lego, this 350 piece, Edwardian-inspired wooden model is a great choice! It features a working 16-valve V8 engine, with three modes: idle, reverse and race ahead.

It's suitable for ages 14 and up and the wax and sandpaper needed to complete the project are not included.


Get it at:


Educational & Entertaining Gifts For Petrol Heads

If there's one thing petrol heads love learning more about, it's cars (go figure). Whether it's through a book or a documentary is up to you. Plus, there are plenty of car-themed video games if you know someone who loves to tear up the virtual racetrack.


Books: Prices Vary

There are far too many options to list them all here, so here are a few of our favourites to give you some inspiration:


The Mechanic: The Secret World of the Pitlane (Marc Priestley; £8.19 (down from £9.99): Amazon)

How to Build a Car (Adrien Newey; £15.29 (down from £25); Amazon)

Formula One: The Champions (Maurice Hamilton; £23.99 (down from £35); Amazon)

Formula 1: The Official History (Maurice Hamilton £19.99 (down from £25); Amazon)

Touring Car Racing: The History of the Touring Car Championship (Matt James; £39.85; Amazon)

Car Restoration and Car Care (Zack Keever; £12.99 (down from £14.79); Amazon)

1001 Cars to Dream of Driving Before You Die (Simon Heptinsall; £10 (was £20); Waterstones)

Cars on Film (Giles Chapman; £14.99; Waterstones)


DVDs & Documentaries: Prices vary

There have been plenty of Hollywood blockbusters about racing cars in recent years. There's the Disney Pixar trilogy 'Cars' for little ones, plus the epics 'Rush' and 'Le Mans '66'. If there's a film that your petrol head hasn't seen yet (but you know they really want to), why not gift it to them this Christmas? 

There are plenty of racing documentaries too. Whatever they're into, you can find a DVD to match!

Get them at:


Art of Rally Video Game: Prices Range From £16.99 - £19.74 (depending on platform)

There may be more well-known or visually stunning racing games out there, but none as cute as 'Art of Rally'. There are 60 tracks inspired by real-life to tackle in 50+ iconic cars, (although with just enough changes to avoid copyright problems). Most importantly, the gameplay looks fun, fast-paced and enjoyable for drivers of all ages. 

Art of Rally is available on X-Box, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Epic Games and Steam now.

Get it at:


Motorsport Themed Christmas Gifts For Petrol Heads

Motorsport is a natural pastime of petrol heads - hence why it has cropped up throughout our other Christmas gift ideas! These are dedicated motorsport presents, each of which is a bit unique and special. They're perfect for the F1 fan that already has plenty of merch or as a quirky way to start their collection.


F1 Drivers & Track Coasters: £15 for 4 F1 Drivers; £13.50 for 4 Tracks

Coasters can be a bit plain and boring but there are no such issues with these! If you know a petrol head who idolises a particular driver or loves a certain track, these are the perfect gift! 

Plus, that price makes them a great value Christmas gift, especially if they have more than one favourite!

Get them at: F1 Tracks or F1 Drivers on Etsy


F1 Track Wall Decor: Prices Start From £10.50

If your petrol head is a bit bored of their home office's decor, why not buy them a beautiful 3D printed F1 track to fill the space? Mimicom Gifts offer a choice of Monaco, Circuit of the Americas, Albert Park (Australia), Suzuka, Monza, Brands Hatch, Hungaroring and Spielberg (Austria). It makes for great decoration as well as a new way to procrastinate!

If you have enough budget and space, World Race Circuits offer all 23 F1 tracks on the 2021 calendar, with prices starting from £40.

Get them at: Mimicorn Gifts or World Race Circuits on Etsy


Personalised Motorsport Birth Year Poster: From £7.99

True motorsport fans remember where they were when Ayrton Senna was tragically killed or Lewis Hamilton won his first F1 world title - unless it was the year they were born! With these prints from The Word Shack, they get a personalised recap of all the major motorsport moments from their birth year. Just choose the right year and supply a short personalisation if you want.

They do have over 400 options, so make sure you find the right year from their list before you complete the transaction.

Get it at: TheWordShack on Etsy