A Christmas Gift Guide for Petrol Heads: 2020

A christmas gift guide for petrol heads 2020 over a festive background

2020 has been a rubbish year, hasn’t it? But the festive season is upon us once again, and we’re here to help you spread some cheer to the petrol heads in your life! 

Gift giving shouldn’t be difficult so, if you’re scratching your head about a gift for a car enthusiast, we’re here to help. And because money might be tight this year, all these gifts cost less than £70. You don’t have to splash out to show that you care – any of these 20 gifts make the perfect present for a petrol head. 


Practical Gifts for Petrol Heads


Kenu Airbase Pro Car Phone Mount: $20.97 (£15.72)

Having mobile navigation when we’re driving is always handy, but you need to use it safely. The Kenu Phone Mount attaches to your dashboard and supports any smartphone in both portrait and landscape mode.

That way, you’re able to keep your eyes on the road at all time but still know exactly where you need to go. Make sure you place the holder where it doesn’t block your line of vision and refrain from using your phone while driving.


Get it at: kenu.com


in-car phone mount christmas gift
How handy would this little Christmas gift be? (Generic model shown). Photo by Michael Jin on Unsplash


Bluetooth Adaptor: Prices vary

Bluetooth comes as standard in modern cars, but there are plenty on Britain’s roads that were made before widespread Bluetooth connectivity.

And that’s a nightmare for road trips. 

If you know a petrol head whose car struggles for atmosphere, why not buy them a Bluetooth adaptor this Christmas? There are loads of options on Amazon, many for less than £20. Find one that does the job and lets them listen to their favourite tunes wherever they go.


Get it from: Amazon


Humorous car t-shirt: £16.95 each

This is the perfect gift for a petrol head with a sense of humour. A t-shirt about cars always goes down well and they can wear it with pride while pottering around the garage! If you choose really well, they may even wear it outside the house. Whether you want to be seen with them when they do is another story…

Petrolthreads have a wide range of t-shirts to suit every petrol head. They stock different brands and movie shirts as well as vintage planes, motorbikes and much more!


Get them at: petrolthreads.co.uk


Heel Tread socks: From £10

If you’re thinking about giving a gift of socks, think twice before you buy another bland pair from M&S. Heel Tread’s range pays tribute to some of the finest cars of all time, adorned with their famous liveries. Options include the Golf GTI, Audi Quattro, Ford GT40 and a nod to one of the best racing drivers of all time, Ayrton Senna

There are plenty of options, so browse their collection and see what might take your petrol head’s fancy this year!

Get them at: heeltread.com


Anker In-Car Phone Charger: Prices start from $10.99 (£8.24)

If you depend on your mobile phone, the last thing you need is for it to die without a charging plug handy. If you know someone whose phone struggles with battery life, why not buy them a sleek in-car charger this Holiday season?

They plug straight into the cigarette lighter and charge any smartphone or tablet on the go. Anker’s range vary in price and don’t include the USB charging cable, but all are immensely useful to help a petrol head get through the day!


Get them at: anker.com


Wireless mobile phone charger
If you’ve got a bit more money to spend, why not give the gift of a wireless charger? (Generic model shown). Photo by Oscar Helgstrand on Unsplash


Bentley Fragrances: Prices start from £59.50

Yep, Bentley now have a fragrance line. While many of their items are wildly expensive, there are a couple of options within our budget.

The Silverlake Eau De Parfum (£69.50) & Azure Eeau De Toilette (£59.50) are crisp, fresh fragrances designed to excite and invigorate any male petrol head. And, more importantly, neither of them smell like sweat or engine grease. Which is a bonus. 

Bentley do also have a range of female fragrances but, at £165 a bottle, they may be too expensive for some people. 

Get the Eau de Parfum at: bentleymotors.com/silverlake

Get the Eau de Toilette at: bentleymotors.com/azure


Todoxi Keyless Car Fob: £6.99

More and more new cars are adopting keyless entry and start. While this is a useful feature, it is fuelling a rise in car theft. A Faraday Pouch is a simple but effective Christmas present if your petrol head owns a keyless car. 

The pouch blocks the key signal so thieves can’t ‘piggyback’ on it and unlock and start your car without the keys. That way, you don’t need to worry about keeping your car safe. Plus, the stylish Todoxi model comes with a carabiner to clip onto a belt loop or larger set of keys!


Get it from: Amazon 


Worried about your motor? Click here to learn more about preventing car theft!


Books, Games & DVDs for Petrol Heads


F1 2020: £37.95 (PS4); £52.45 (Xbox One)

If you know a petrol head that wants to test themselves against the very best in the world, F1 2020 is the perfect game for them. 

With gorgeous graphics and all the official teams, drivers and circuits from the 2020 season to choose from, they can challenge the computer or, thanks to new split-screen racing, their friends! Or they can create their own team and compete against the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari for the F1 Championship! 

F1 2020 is available on PS4, Xbox One, Steam and Stadia. 


Get it at: Amazon


Mercedes F1 Monopoly Set: £47.50

The classic family board game now has a racing twist. Speed around the board buying objects from the Mercedes F1 team and see if you can bankrupt the rest of your family!

With officially licensed Mercedes Petronas pieces and an updated feel for the 2020 season, this is the perfect holiday board game for F1 fans, petrol heads and board game enthusiasts alike. 


Get it from: MercedesamgF1.com


mercedes f1 car cornering on race track
We’ve got the perfect Christmas gift for any petrol head who wants to be like Lewis Hamilton – young or old! Photo by shen liu on Unsplash


Project Cars 3: £49.99

If your petrol head would prefer a larger scale experience, how about Project Cars 3? It’s an ambitious game with over 120 worldwide tracks and 200 race and road cars to drive. 

Either work your way through the ranks of motorsport in single player mode or make a name for yourself on global leader boards with the multiplayer function. You get to drive cars from all eras and all manufacturers, including the Bugatti Chiron Sport, Ferrari LaFerrari and Koenigsegg Jesko!

Project Cars 3 is available on PS4, Xbox One and Steam.


Get it at: projectcarsgame.com


James May: Oh Cook!: £6.29 on Kindle; £14.99 in Hardback

The hardback accompaniment to Captain Slow’s latest Amazon Prime show, ‘Oh Cook!’ is a cookbook for people who can’t cook. 

Yes, in true ‘Top Gear’ fashion, May made a programme about something he wasn’t very good at. Ambitious but rubbish anyone? 

Either way, if your petrol head wants to learn from one of ‘Top Gear’ and ‘The Grand Tour’s’ finest, this is the perfect cook book for them! And they can catch ‘Oh Cook!’ on Amazon Prime, streaming now.


Get it at: Waterstones


Racing Film DVD: Prices vary

There have been plenty of Hollywood blockbusters about racing cars in recent years. There’s the Disney Pixar trilogy ‘Cars’ for little ones, plus the epics ‘Rush’ and ‘Le Mans ’66’. If there’s a film that your petrol head hasn’t seen yet (but you know they really want to), why not gift it to them this Christmas? 

There are plenty of racing documentaries too. Whatever they’re into, you can find a DVD to match!


Get them at: Amazon.com


Memorabilia & Toys for Petrol Heads


Racetrack Rug: £14 + £3.95 P&P

This stylish play mat is aimed at younger petrol heads. Let their imagination run wild with a beautifully designed racetrack play mat, complete with garage and a pit lane. Handy to fix up those inevitable high-speed crashes…

If you know a petrol head that loves to push their cars in and around the dining room chairs, make their lives a little easier this Christmas and buy them a racetrack rug for their bedroom!


Get it at: dunelm.com


Playforever Wooden Cars: Prices vary

Looking for a chunky kids toy or a stylish collectible? Look no further than Playforever’s large range of beautiful wooden cars!

They have a wide range of vintage and modern cars, including F1 cars throughout the years and Le Mans racers. Choose your model, choose the colour and watch your petrol head smile as they unwrap it! And, with so many to choose from, you’ve got plenty of gift ideas for years to come.


Get them at: playforever.co.uk


Hot Wheels: Prices vary

Everyone loves Hot Wheels right? Whether you know a young petrol head who loves creating their own car chases or someone nostalgic of their childhood Dinky toys, Hot Wheels’ diecast collectibles are a sure-fire hit. 

While they’re best known for their weird and wacky creations, they also have collectibles of iconic vehicles, plus Marvel, Star Wars and Mario Kart themed vehicles! A 20-car gift pack costs less than £20 – so why not gift a little collectible joy this year? 


Get them at: hotwheels.com


Hot wheels car sat on a desk
There’s nothing that deserves pride of place like a Hot Wheels car. Where do you store yours? (Generic model shown). Photo by CDMA on Unsplash


UF Gears U-9 Grand Prix Car: £41

This is the perfect next step for a petrol head that’s outgrown Lego sets. It’s a 350 piece wooden model, inspired by Edwardian racing machinery and complete with working 16-valve V8 engine. Switch between idle, reverse and race ahead modes for high-speed action!

The only things not included in the kit? The wax and sandpaper you need to fix it all together! If you know someone who needs a Christmas project this year, here’s the perfect gift for them! It’s suitable for ages 14 and up.


Get it at: mechanicalmodels.co.uk


Car Chase Heroes Experience: Prices vary

While a driving experience may seem like a risky gift this year, all the experiences at Car Chase Heroes are valid for 2 years – so your petrol head will be good to go whenever they feel safe to do so!

With a range of experiences at tracks across the UK, there’s plenty to excite everyone. Prices vary but, for £69, you get to drive two different supercars and experience a high-speed passenger ride with their very own Green Stig. 

There are also a range of Christmas offers available, so shop now and find the perfect experience for your petrol head!


Get them at: carchaseheroes.com


James Bond Keyring: £14.99 each

James Bond memorabilia is always a hit, but doubly so in a year where the release of ‘No Time To Die’ was postponed twice. 

These sleek silver keyrings make a great addition to your car keys and they come in their own decorative box. Choose from the Aston Martin Valhalla, Vantage, DB5, DB10, DBS, Jaguar C-X75 or Lotus Esprit submarine. If you’re feeling extra generous, there’s a gold finish DB5 for just £20. Perfect for Bond fans of all ages.

Get them at: 007store.com


Aston Martin DB10


Australian Grand Prix 2020 Merch: Prices vary

The first racing casualty of the Covid-19 pandemic was the F1 season opener in Melbourne. Cancelled the day before first practice, there was already merch made that went unsold.

Now it’s available at a cut price!

Almost all the merch is on sale and, while you have to consider shipping costs from Australia, you can get a Grand Prix t-shirt for $15AD (£8.50). 

Who knows, that t-shirt could become a collector’s item in years to come as a reminder of the race that never was…


Get it at: grandprixstore.com.au


Steelman 24 Metal Sculpture: Prices vary

These funky handmade desk ornaments will liven up the workspace of any petrol head. Whether they work in the car industry or just love F1, there’s a quality gift for them. 

Combining different metals in handcrafted sculptures, Steelman’s products will put a smile on anyone’s face – especially if you buy them the Formula 1 wine bottle holder!  Check out their range of products and see what’s likely to get your petrol head excited this Christmas.


Get them at: steelman24.co.uk


There’s something for everyone in this Christmas gift guide but, if you’re really stuck for ideas, why not give someone a helping hand this Christmas and book an MOT or Service for a friend or family member? With our online booking tool, it’s simpler than ever! Give them one less thing to worry about this Christmas!

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