A Christmas Gift Guide for Petrol Heads: 2019

Christmas gifts under a tree

It shouldn’t be difficult to buy Christmas gifts for those petrol heads in your life – so why do we always seem to struggle? This year, get them a gift they’ll really appreciate: something to do with cars! We’ve found forty quirky, high-octane, car-related gifts for enthusiasts of all ages. Any of these gifts are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of petrol heads everywhere. What’s more, this Christmas gift guide will suit every budget.

Stocking Fillers (£0 – £10)

Any of these little treats would make a great tree present or Christmas Eve titbit to get any car lover excited for the big day.

Car themed Top Trumps (£4.99 each)

An absolute classic, especially if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a younger petrol head. A set of ‘Top Trumps’ provide countless hours of entertainment – and they’re often educational and informative as well. There is a range of titles available, including ‘Grand Prix heroes’ and ‘Sports Cars’. A set of ‘Top Trumps’ is always welcome on any long road trips you plan on making this Christmas – for kids and adults!

Learner/Passed magnetic plates (£4.99 for a set of three)

It might not sound like the most thrilling entry to this Christmas gift guide but it’s a big step on the road to independence for any seventeen years old. If your child is starting driving lessons in the early part of next year or has just started learning to drive, getting a set of these early means you’re ready to go out with them to improve their confidence – if you’re brave enough!

How to Be Formula One World Champion (£4.99 on Kindle/£7.19 hardback)

If you dream about becoming a Formula One driver, we don’t recommend that you follow Richard Porter’s advice. His satirical take on rising through the ranks of motorsport will have F1 enthusiasts chuckling for page after page. Just don’t expect to become the next Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel after reading it…

ABC’s for Future Racing Drivers (£8.90)

They’re never too young to start loving cars! The brightly coloured board book will help your toddler learn their alphabet, while also being able to rattle off the major components of a car by the age of three – at least, that’s the theory. Either way, it’s a novel way of getting them interested in reading and, hopefully, cars as well.

Heel Tread socks (From £9)

*Groan* Another pair of socks? Why are they in a Christmas gift guide, you might ask? Well, we reckon these are a pair of socks any petrol head would love to receive. They pay tribute to some of the most iconic classic cars including the Lancia Stratos, the McLaren F1, the Ferarri GTO and the beautiful Jaguar E-Type. Come Christmas morning, you’ll be left quietly smug as your petrol head struts around the house in their stylish new socks. If you’re going to get them socks, make sure you make the right choice this year.

Goodwood Tin Mug (£9)

What better way to reminisce about their day trip to the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2003? This neat little mug comes in legendary British racing green and is guaranteed to raise the pulse of any motor enthusiast this Christmas. However, it does mean that you’ll hear about ‘that hill climb’ every time they have a brew…

Haynes ‘How To’ Car Hacks (£9.35)

Haynes has been making reliable ‘How To’ guides for over 50 years and their latest one has us intrigued. It’s a car maintenance guide with a twist. Instead of an in-depth discussion about a particular car, Haynes has compiled a range of crafty tips to keep your car in it’s the best shape for less. Don’t be surprised to find your car lover tinkering away in the garage come Christmas afternoon – many of the tips involve things commonly found around the house!

Personalised Formula One Racing Car Keyring (£9.99)

This gift looks the part as soon as you open the box. It’s made of chrome and comes with a personalised message on the underside. For a tenner, and with Amazon offering free delivery in a presentation box, we reckon this gift is an absolute steal. It makes for a unique key fob for your car keys as well.

A yearly subscription to their favourite car magazine (Prices vary)

Is there a particular magazine that they love? With a yearly subscription, they’ll never have to pay for an issue ever again! What’s more, most publications now offer the choice of a print or digital subscription, so they’ll never be without their favourite car-related magazine. Some of these subscriptions might cost a little over £10 for the year, but they’re more than worth it.

Hot Wheels diecast cars (Prices vary)

These aren’t just for kids. ‘Hot Wheels’ offer a wide range of high-quality collectable cars. Just try and keep them away from those who remember playing with diecast Dinky toys! Designs vary, ranging from the sensible all the way through to the wacky and downright crazy, so there’s a Hot Wheels collectable for everyone.

Christmas gift surrounded by baubles

Mid-range Christmas gift ideas (£10 – £30)

Here are our best ‘bargain buys’ for petrol heads this Christmas. These gifts go to show you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money to find something worth having.

In-car Phone Charger (Anker model £10.99)

We use our mobile phones for everything these days. But how frustrating is it when you realise it wasn’t charging and probably won’t last the day? Well, that nightmare can easily be avoided with an in-car charger. They plug into your cigarette lighter and effortlessly charge any smartphone or tablet while you’re driving along. There’s a range of these available but the Anker PowerDrive is a highly recommended sleek and stylish option. If you’re willing to part with a bit more money, there’s a wide range of wireless chargers available as well.

Kenu Airbase Pro Car Phone Mount (£12.99)

Many of us use our mobile phones for navigation nowadays but you need to drive safely and responsibly while doing so. The Kenu Phone Mount sits on the dashboard and can hold any type of smartphone in either portrait or landscape mode. With this gadget, you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the road at all times but still, know exactly where you’re going.

Racetrack Rug (£14)

This stylish play mat is bound to capture the imagination of any young petrol head this Christmas. Many of us discovered our love for cars while pushing toy cars around the carpet at home and this rug is perfect to let anyone’s imagination run wild. Its design features a pit lane and a garage so there’s plenty of servicing options for the inevitable high-speed crashes. Just keep your feet out the way …

Dirt Rally 2.0 (from £15.95)

If you’re looking for a challenge this Christmas, look no further than ‘Dirt Rally 2.0’. It’s a highly realistic rally simulation game where any false move could leave you in a ditch. Get over the steep learning curve though and you’ll be on your way towards becoming a rallying pro. Either build a career as a serial winner, race against the AI or show other drivers who’s boss in online mode. Feel the thrill of rallying for yourself!

London Motor Show prints (From £20)

The London Transport Museum has created a beautiful 1930’s inspired motor print to hang on your wall. It references the iconic Olympia motor show and will leave classic car lovers drooling with its quality. It comes with a choice of sizing and framing options, making it a truly memorable entry in our Christmas gift guide.

Playforever Wooden Cars (From £21.45)

These cars work as a gift idea for all ages. They’re stylish collectables but also chunky toys for kids as well. With designs ranging from classic 1950’s F1 cars to Le Mans racers and a Porsche 911 inspired design, there’s plenty of choices! For us, it’s not so much which one to buy, it’s how many!

Tubtime Grand Prix (£22.95)

Racing cars don’t work very well in the rain as the 2019 F1 German Grand Prix proved. However, this set is perfect for bath time entertainment with plenty of watery thrills and spills guaranteed. This foam set comes with a racetrack, pit lane, two squirting cars and a trophy, so there’s some competition as well. If bath time finishes before the chequered flag, this set works just as well on a tiled floor. Just make sure to leave a wide run-off area…

Bluetooth Adaptor (Prices vary)

For those car enthusiasts driving slightly older cars, a lack of Bluetooth connectivity can really hamper the atmosphere on a road trip. So, why don’t you buy your more tech-savvy petrol heads a Bluetooth adaptor this Christmas? This nifty piece of kit connects directly to the in-car speaker system to let them play their music whenever they want. There’s a wide choice, so shop around and find yourself a bargain!

Car related cufflinks (Prices vary)

Nothing says sophistication like a set of cuff-links, but who wants a boring design? There’s a wide range of car-themed cuff-links on the market, from speedometers to fuel gauges. Regardless of whether they’re the talk of the next work party, a good set of car-related cuff-links will be worn time and time again.

Humorous car t-shirt (Prices vary)

If they need a new shirt for pottering around in the garage, what’s better than a t-shirt about cars? If the humour tickles their fancy, maybe they’ll even try to keep it clean. You never know, they might even be proud enough to wear it outside the house – even if it is just to the next race meet.

Toy car delivering Christmas gifts

Moving up through the gears (£30 – £100)

If you’ve got a little more cash to spend on someone special this year, these gifts will leave them engrossed without costing the Earth.

UF Gears U-9 Grand Prix Car (£41.95)

It’s fiddly to build, but it looks absolutely beautiful when completed. Inspired by Edwardian racing machinery, the engine on this 350 piece wooden model really works! What’s more, it only requires wax and sandpaper to build – so the only thing they’ll struggle with is finding the time to build it! If your petrolhead wants something to tinker with this Christmas, this could be the perfect gift. It’s suitable for ages 14 and up.

Forza Horizons 4 (£41.99)

One of the latest releases in the iconic racing series, ‘Forza Horizons 4’ brings the action to a fictional representation of the United Kingdom. The game is a racer’s playground, offering you complete freedom to race your way. With stunning graphics and an update containing over 100 new cars allegedly on the way, your petrol head will be drooling over this game for hours.

Revell Trabant “Fall of the Berlin Wall” set (£43)

Another gorgeous release from the company which brought us ‘Airfix’, this set celebrates the iconic moment a convoy of Trabants crossed from East to West as the Berlin Wall fell. It offers another great tinkering option as the modelling and painting process will take time and patience to complete. It will look stunning when finished, however – which is more than can be said for the original Trabant!

F1 2019 (From £44.99)

Your dreams of becoming a Formula One driver might not be over just yet. So what if it’s only a virtual career? In ‘F1 2019’, you can either create your own driver and build a reputation or take control of a current racer to fight for the championship! In a new addition to the game, you can learn your craft in an F2 car before hitting the big stage. If you know someone who’s dreamed of sweeping up the hill at Spa or driving full-throttle through the twisting streets of Monaco, this game gives them their time to shine.

Suixteil Driving Hat (£65)

The name might not mean much to you, but to a racing enthusiast, Suixteil is almost a holy word. This legendary brand used to make racing gear for Juan Manuel Fangio, five times Formula 1 World Champion. The racing goggles of the 1950’s are referenced on the cashmere and lambswool design – ineffective but effortless cool amongst racing circles. With this beanie, your petrol head will keep their ears warm at the next meet and they’ll look stylish doing so.

Suixteil Driving Gloves (£70)

A pair of driving gloves to complete the 1950’s look. They’re crafted from leather and knitted wool to keep your car lover’s hands warm over the winter. No matter whether they own a classic car or merely dream of doing so, these driving gloves will give them that special nostalgic feeling.

FIXD Active Car Health Monitor (£74.99)

You’ll never have to play the dreaded ‘guess the warning light’ game ever again! This is a portable diagnostics tool for your car that sends an easy to understand report straight to your smartphone. It can provide directions to the nearest mechanic, helpful maintenance tips and even remind you to book a service. A must have for anyone who uses their car regularly, not just petrol heads.

Scalextric Gulf Racing set (£79.99)

Scalextric has been the leading name in home racing since the 1950s and they continue to excite petrol heads young and old. Their latest set evokes memories of Le Mans and the great rivalries the 24-hour race has seen over the years. Now, you can create your own iconic battle from the comfort of your living room on Christmas morning. With a whole host of additional cars available for purchase, this set could be the start of a Scalextric empire or the latest addition to an established dynasty!

Mercedes-Benz experience (From £95)

Mercedes-Benz World offer you the chance to get behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Let’s be honest, what petrol head wouldn’t want the chance to blast around the track in a high-performance car? With a on-site museum documenting the history of the world’s first car brand, you could quite easily turn this into a day trip – if you can bear it.

Track Days driving experiences (Prices vary)

It’s not just Mercedes that offer a great track day experience. If you know there’s a particular car your petrol head has always dreamed of driving, this might just be their opportunity! With 38 locations around the UK and a range of supercars and even Cold War-era tanks to choose from, there’s something for everyone. If you want to let your kids have a go as well, they offer young driver training and junior driving experiences.

A range of Christmas guides stacked beneath a Christmas tree

Top of the Range (£100+)

These are the gifts every driving enthusiast dreams of receiving. If you want a really special Christmas gift for petrol heads, you can’t go far wrong with these, (we’ll just be super jealous).

Land Rover Experience Days (From £99)

Go off-road in a state-of-the-art Land Rover and really test your driving ability over rugged terrain. An instructor will guide you around a challenging course at one of nine locations nationwide. Prices start at £99 for an hour taster session but you can also book a half or full-day or an ‘advanced experience’ which will really test your ability to drive a 4X4. If you know a petrol head who loves to dabble in adventuring, this gift might just be perfect for them.

Goodwood Motor Circuit Driving Experiences (From £119)

They might never drive in the iconic Goodwood Revival motor event, but that doesn’t mean they can’t drive around the track. They can even do it in their own car – if they’re brave enough, that is. Otherwise, they can set a hot lap in a sporty BMW or drive a range of classic cars from Goodwood’s own collection. Young drivers can get in on the experience too, so it’s not just limited to the adults.

Lego Aston Martin DB5 (£129.99)

You’re never too old for Lego. Especially if the Lego set in question is James Bond’s DB5, complete with a missile launcher, ejector seat and all Q’s other gadgets from the film Goldfinger. In fact, we reckon this wouldn’t have been much of a Christmas gift guide without including Lego somewhere. This stunning car makes a fantastic centrepiece for any car lover or James Bond fan when completed. It’s also guaranteed to keep them quiet for a while as there are over 1,200 pieces to assemble!

Nextbase 522 GW Dashcam (£139.95)

A dashcam is a bit left field for a Christmas gift guide, but we made an exception for this model. The latest generation from Nextbase won the Sunday Times Driving award for Motoring Innovation and it’s easy to see why. There’s Alexa integration to play with and it goes a long way towards deterring wannabe criminals and helping with insurance claims.

Baghera Pedal Car (£149.95)

Remember the red and yellow ‘Little Tikes’ car? This is a world apart from the car we used to pedal around the playground. It’s got a vintage look which will set your little ones apart from an early age. While you might want to get behind the wheel of this British racing green beauty yourself, we don’t think anyone will be in any hurry to get out of the driving seat!

Pilotti Avenue & Vittoria Driving Shoes (£178.00)

Wow. Just wow. If you’re looking for a beautiful pair of handcrafted leather shoes this Christmas, then look no further. These Pilotti’s double as all-day shoes thanks to their comfort and breathability while the performance drive technology gives you expert control over the pedals. Avenue is the male brand and Vittoria is for women, so these shoes work for all petrol heads.

Porsche Experience (From £295)

The Porsche 911 hasn’t changed much since it’s first iteration took the world by storm and now you can experience the hype as well. With this package, a lucky someone will have at least ninety minutes driving the 911 or another Porsche of their choice. There are other options available, including the ‘two-day Road to Race’ course – but at nearly £5,000 it’s an experience we’re likely to always be dreaming about.

Palmer Sport Experience (From £594)

We can dream, hey? A full day’s package will set you back around £1,000 but you’ll get to drive a range of cars including an Arial Atom, a Renault Clio Cup racing hatchback and even a Formula 3000 single-seater for that money. Prizes are awarded for setting the fastest lap, so it’s every petrol head’s dream. It’s just probably not going to come true any time soon.

Lego Technic (Prices vary)

There’s a wide range of car-themed Lego Technic sets out there, ranging from the Ford Mustang to the Bugatti Chiron. The Lego Technic brand gives car building an engineering focus, which means there is a range of unique Lego pieces found in each set. The Land Rover Discovery is probably our top pick. Seeing how the talismanic off-roader is finally getting a redesign next year, it’s only fitting to include the Lego version in our Christmas gift guide. We daresay it will be on every petrol head’s wish list this Christmas as well.

Gaming Race Seat, Steering Wheel or Pedals (Prices vary)

Give your petrol head the most immersive gaming experience with a gaming set up to rival the pros. A steering wheel and pedals give more control over the car and a race seat will let you feel every virtual bump as if they were out on the track. A good set, such as the Logitech Dual-Motor Racing wheel and pedals or the Playseat Evolution Pro, are quite expensive. However, nothing can beat the joy a wannabe racer will receive from the thrill of hurtling around a track in their new set up – even if it is all virtual.

We think we’ve included something for everyone in this Christmas gift guide but, if you’re really stuck for ideas, why not take the hassle out of someone’s life this Christmas and book an MOT or Service for a friend or family member? With our online booking tool, it’s simpler than ever! Give them one less thing to worry about this Christmas and this Christmas with a gift for all ages and budgets New Year.

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