Honesty is sometimes the best policy

Car owner sells mini for 99p! No one likes to buy a lemon of a car, especially Rachel Young from Darlington, County Durham. Since buying her car just 2 months ago, she has had a string of problems. This tarting just 12 hours after picking up the car with the head gasket blowing. She has now relisted […]

The World’s First Car Vending Machine

Carvana – The world’s first car vending machine A car dealership based in Phoenix, Arizona, has set up a truly unusual way to sell cars. Carvana originally started out as a second hand car sales site. However, Ernie Garcia, Carvana’s CEO, wanted to streamline the process of selling cars by “removing the hassle of paperwork and haggling […]

Solar Roadways: The Road To Sustainability

Say goodbye to street lights Say goodbye to road markings. Say goodbye to wasteful power consumption. Say hello to Solar Roadways. This cutting-edge innovation from tenacious couple Scott & Julie Brusaw from Idaho, America, is paving the way to a new generation of road infrastructure. So what makes Solar Roadways so unique? Besides the replaceable hexagonal modular units, […]

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