Speeding fines up by 2500% on smart motorways

Speeding fines

Speeding fines are being dished out to more than 1000 drivers a week on Britain’s new smart motorways. Figures obtained by the BBC from police forces around the UK show that 52,516 fixed penalties were issued in 2015. That’s up from just 2023 speeding fines on the same stretches of road five years ago ‑ […]

Why choose an independent garage?

Why choose an independent garage? The dreaded time has come where you need to take your car to the garage. The car is making a weird noise or a horrifying warning light has appeared. Nevertheless, it’s inevitable that the car needs a quick fix before the situation worsens. Or maybe your car is embarrassingly overdue for […]

How often should my car be serviced?

How often should you get a car service You should normally get your car serviced once a year. Many factors should be considered when figuring out how often your car needs servicing. Especially if you’re a frequent driver, since you may benefit from having a service more often. The car’s age also influences the servicing period; […]

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