Car crime hotspots: Britain’s most likely cities for car-related crime

Car crime hotspots

How safe is your car when it’s parked? It may be locked up outside your home or workplace but that’s no guarantee you won’t be victim to a vehicle villain. Insurer Admiral has revealed the cities where car owners are most likely to fall prey to car crime. The insurer looked at more than four million car and home policies over the past two years. It then interrogated the data to reveal city hot spots for thefts from cars, thefts of cars and house burglaries where cars were also targeted.

Which cities are cars most likely to be stolen from?

Liverpool is the city where most people make claims for stolen cars. It’s followed by central London, Birmingham, south-west London and north-west London. According to Admiral, the cities where your car is least likely to be stolen are Norwich and Newcastle, followed by Belfast, Plymouth, Brighton and Portsmouth.

The most commonly stolen models are the Ford Fiesta, Range Rover and VW Golf. Admiral also highlighted that vehicle theft in south-west London led to an average £15,321 payout. That is more than eight times the average £1781 claim in Sunderland. 

Car crime hotspots: where most thefts from cars happen

Car crime hotspot

When it comes to stealing possessions from cars, central London, south-west London, north-west London and south-east London topped the table, followed by Bradford, Leeds and Bristol. The safest cities were Belfast, Newcastle, Brighton, Stoke and Aberdeen. Hardly surprisingly, the cars that are most frequently broken into are among the country’s most popular: the Volkswagen Golf, Vauxhall Corsa and Ford Fiesta.

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Where do crooks break into houses to steal cars?

Some car crooks turn to technology to steal cars. But for others the key is – literally ‑ the key to making off with someone else’s property. By breaking into houses, not only can a thief nick valuables such as jewellery, cash and mobile electronic devices, it’s also an easy route to stealing a car by lifting the key.

The results showed that overall, and unsurprisingly, London was where car owners were most likely to be a victim of a joint burglary and car theft. The capital took the first four places ahead of Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester. The safest places for this type of crime were Belfast, west London, Portsmouth and Newcastle, ahead of Plymouth.

How much of a problem is car crime?

In the early 1990s Britain was known as the car crime capital of Europe. Vehicle crime is nowhere near as bad as it was but it’s still a problem. Government figures state that one in seven crimes over the past decade has been related to cars. Where one in five homes were hit by car crime in 1993, the figure is now just four in 100. However, head of claims at Admiral, Lorna Connelly, said: “The improvement in car security has no doubt resulted in fewer thefts in recent years. However, our research shows it’s still a problem that hasn’t gone away. Car owners should do whatever they can to make sure they aren’t a victim.”

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