5.5 million drivers took advantage of the Government's 6 month MOT extension between April and July 2020. This caused a rush for MOT slots between September and January last year and the same is set to happen again as garages prepare for 'Super September'. On top of all that, nearly 1 million new cars registered between September 2018 and January 2019 are set for their first MOT. This only serves to put further strain on garages. Add in Brexit delays, the loss of staff due to the financial impact of COVID and required self-isolation and things could get very stressful for a lot of drivers. If your MOT, tax and insurance renewals are now out of sync, it's easy to get caught out.

Help us to help you this Autumn. Book your MOT early to beat the rush and avoid the stress and hassle of a last-minute test. With 16% more MOTs forecast for September and 29% for October, you could be waiting weeks to book your test. This can lead to delays, missed expiry dates and stress and fines. Driving without an MOT brings a fine of up to £1,000, a possible driving ban, 3 penalty points and invalid car insurance.



Don't risk it. Book your MOT early to beat the rush and ensure that your car is roadworthy for the year ahead. You can book your test up to a month, minus a day, before the expiry date to keep the same date for next year. You can also book earlier to change the expiry date and permanently beat the rush. Experts predict that 'Super September' is here to stay for the next few years, so help yourself by moving your MOT earlier in the year. With BookMyGarage's online booking tool, you can even book up to a year in advance to get next year's MOT date sorted as well!

You can also check when your MOT is due with our free online checker. Just enter your reg and we'll instantly tell you when your next test is due. You can also book it there and then. Why not sign up for free MOT reminders at the same time so you never forget or miss the date again?

Don't get caught out by the rush this Autumn. If you took advantage of the MOT extension in 2020, it's time to book your test early. That way, you'll avoid a tonne of stress. Just enter your reg and postcode to compare deals from garages near you today.