5 Awesome Pumpkin Carvings

Pumpkin Carvings for halloween

Have you ever struggled with knowing what to carve out of a pumpkin for Halloween? You’ve probably become a pro at creating the classic smiling “scary” face. Every year, you see people doing creative pumpkin carvings making you think “that’ll be me next year”. It never happens – we’re all so busy with our own lives, there’s never any time! However, we have put together some of the best car carvings that are out there, that might just get you thinking – get those creative juices flowing!

Ever stuck on what pumpkin carvings to make? Hopefully, we can inspire you…

First, we have to talk about this adorable Volkswagen camper van. How good is this? We’ve never seen anything like it! This design is probably a lot harder than it seems. Scraping the top layer off could be rather tricky.

This Porsche design in incredible! The creator of this must have a very steady hand, as they’ve managed to get all the very fine details. They’ve also managed to get the shading down to a tee! We are very impressed with this one.

This one is mega-creative! A sweet little pumpkin family all together. Are the wheels tiny pumpkins or tangerines? Whatever they are, extra points for creativity! Hats off to whoever had this idea!

Not quite Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage, but not far off! This lovely little car and camper van aren’t particularly scary, but this idea is definitely amazing! The mini watermelon wheels really do add the finishing touch.

Why not finish with a bang? Look at this incredible design. The real question here is how is this even possible? The creator seems to have carefully carved the pumpkin so it doesn’t go all the way through – except for the headlights. Very cool, very creative!

We like to have fun at BookMyGarage. We wanted to put our creative skills to the test, so we carved our own pumpkins! Take a look…

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Video created by Lauren Roberts

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