6 Star Wars Themed Cars That Wouldn’t Pass Their MOT

Happy Star Wars Day!

We’ve put together a collection of Star Wars modified cars that may look awesome, but would definitely fail their MOT…



This Storm Trooper car may seem cool, but it would in fact fail it’s MOT due to the driver’s view of the road being obstructed by the Storm Troopers nose!





An R2D2 car may look fast, but its tyres may be worn down. This will result in the tread depth being below the legal 1.6mm! 10% of MOT’s are failed due to this.






This ATST would fail its MOT due to the lighting and signalling. In fact, there’s no evidence of there being any at all!






Although it may be a pretty good version of the X-Wing, it’s body and vehicle structure would be the result of a fail. No sharp edges on a vehicle are allowed, so these wings wouldn’t make the cut.






Without a doubt, this car is awesome. However, Darth Vader or not, your vehicle must have a registration plate in order to pass its MOT.






This car version of an M6 may look good, but we’d imagine it would exceed the weight limit.with all the Bowcasters, Blasters and Lightsabers hidden in the back.






This car looks like it’s got all the gadgets and would fly through its MOT. Don’t be fooled as the R2D2 poking out the back would cause an obstruction to the driver’s rear view. This will definitely result in a fail!




Even if your car has been as heavily modified as these, it still needs to pass its MOT. Be sure to book online with the use of our quick, easy and free tool and ensure you stay safe on the road. May the 4th be with you!


Libby Simmons

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