5 signs my car needs a service…

That annoying noise coming from your car,“please go away, please go away” you say in your head. Don’t just turn the radio up as it could cost little if you act fast. Below are 5 things you should never ignore so you don’t get a massive bill or get stuck at the side of the road. As they say ” hindsight is a wonderful thing”

How to really know when your car needs a service

1. Car service – Engine warning light

If a “check engine” light appears on your dashboard, don’t panic, just get your car to a garage for a diagnostic as soon as possible. The light appears for a whole host of reasons. A simple diagnostic will find the fault.

A lot of cars also have a service light that will come on when your next service is due. While this little light – usually in the shape of a spanner – shouldn’t worry you, it’s best not to ignore it for too long.

Nasty Fault Light, car service
There is light at the end of the tunnel

2. Car service – Strange noises.

Any new noises coming from your car should be looked at out before they develop into serious problems. Are you getting a whining from under the bonnet? Is your exhuast louder than usual? Strange metal on metal sound from the engine?, Squealing when you step on the brake? Crunching gears. Best check it out as soon as possible.

3. Car service -Smoke or steam coming from under the bonnet

Usually caused by overheating and problems with the radiator. If you are getting white coloured steam, You should get your car checked out ASAP. Take a look at your car’s temperature gauge, if it’s at maximum, pull over and wait for your car to cool before continuing.

When your car is running, the needle should sit in the middle of the gauge.

If you notice blue smoke coming from your car, stop where it’s safe to do so and do not drive any further. Blue smoke is caused by burning oil, and can be quite a costly problem if left unfixed. Excessive smoke from the exhaust can also signal an oil leak.

4. Car service – Vibrating or pulling under braking

This could be due to worn brake discs or pads, a suspension problem or an issue with your steering. It’s not safe to drive like this so get your car serviced as soon as possible. These symptoms could also be a sign of tyre wear, so check that your tyres.

5. Car service  – Reduced ride comfort.

Are you finding  that speed bumps are becoming a problem? Is  your car is riding low or you can hear your tyres scraping on the wheel arch of your car? Seems like it’s time to get your car checked out. Any of these symptoms could signal an issue with your suspension. These are just some of the signs your car needs a service.

Keep your car  in tiptop condition you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and get it serviced often.



Jonathan Hermans