5 reasons why motorway lessons can benefit learner drivers

From the 4th June, learner drivers are now able to drive on the motorway during their lessons. As long as they’re in a car with dual controls and an approved driving instructor. The new rules will not influence the driving test, so motorway driving will not be assessed. So, you’re probably wondering why learners are now allowed to drive on the motorway…

1. General motorway awareness

Driving on the road is all good and well, but it doesn’t prepare you for what is often the madness of the motorway. During motorway lessons, the learner will be trained on how to join and leave the motorway, which is often quite scary for those who do it the first time on their own. Overtaking and learning how to use the lanes correctly will also be taught. During these specific lessons, the learner will acquire a sense of their surroundings, learning to be aware of other cars and vehicles.

2. Practice driving at higher speeds

Obviously, everything is going at a higher speed on the motorway, and it’s an environment that the learner is unfamiliar with. It’s important to get used to the speed at which they and other vehicles will be driving at.

3. Understand the motorway specific signs

A learner may know what the motorway signs mean after taking their theory test. However, they’ll need to put them to use in a real-life situation. It’s important that the learner not only understands the meaning of motorway specific signs but also knows the correct action to take after.

4. know what to do if their vehicle breaks down

A lot of people still panic when they experience a breakdown, so it’s a good idea to teach learners what to do. That way, they’ll be prepared if anything does go wrong when they’re on their own. To find out more about what to do if you break down, be sure to read our blog!

5. Improve confidence to drive on the motorways

Once a learner has passed, they’re on their own. It’s quite scary, especially if you’re heading towards the motorway. We believe that conducting driving lessons on the motorways is the perfect way to improve a learner’s confidence. Once the time comes, and the learner passes their test, they’ll need to be confident in their new car. A good way to do this is by booking it in for a service, and not forgetting about the important MOT test. You can book online using our quick, easy and free booking tool which is available 24/7. All you need to do is enter your registration number, postcode and select the service you’d like!


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