10 things you shouldn’t try when driving in snow

With poor visibility and skidding along the road, we all hate driving in snow. Here’s a list of 10 things you shouldn’t do when travelling in terrible weather. Although here in the UK, we won’t be expecting it to be this bad…

10 don’ts for driving in snow

1. Don’t try to hide your car down an embankment

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2.  Don’t try to dance around like a ballerina

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3. Don’t try to see if your car can climb trees

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4. Don’t try to take shortcuts

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5. Don’t try to work out what happened

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6. Don’t try to rescue your car when it is clearly futile

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7. Don’t try and take your car for a swim

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8. Don’t try and see if you lead your truck to water that it’ll drink

Source: Truckaccidentlawyers


9. Don’t try to start a snow transportation business

Source: Property Casualty


10. Don’t try to outrace a storm

The New York Times

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